Which games can be played in my i3 2nd gen 4gb ram lenovo g580 laptop ?

i just bought a lenovo g580 laptop with specfications : 4gb ram,
500 gb hdd
i3 2nd gen 2.4 ghz procesor
and in it integrated graphics showing as 1.5gb
so i want to know which games will be most suitable for this. and am having win 7 ultimate..
please help as soon as possible
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  1. If possible get Lenovo Idea Pad G580
    Never choose laptop with integrated graphics card for GAMES !
    Grab independent graphics card laptop like the one i mentioned above !

    EDIT: ah well you already own it
  2. Your specs are a little bit low, but you should be able to run most games, at least at minimum, though I can't tell for sure without knowing what integrated graphics you have.
  3. u will be able to run almost eevery title out there at 720p with minimum setting at pretty decent frame rates...
    No certain game can be suggested..but in order to test the graphical ability of ur lappy urself..,,, try running moh warfighter and farcry 3...
    If ur laptop manages these 2 titles subtly, then be sure about kicking ass of every game out there....
    Best of luck..!!
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