Can't overclock my Abit IS7 with SATA

Hi folks,
Please help me on this if you can. I have all new :
Abit IS7 865PE (latest bios)
P4 2.8c
Cosair 3500 (2) 512 mb running at 2-3-2-6
Seagate 120 gb SATA

Whenever I increase my bus to anything over 200 mhz, the BIOS can no longer find my Seagate SATA drive. Not sure if I setup the drive properly in the BIOS but I have it on Enhanced SATA. I have my DVD drive connected to the secondary IDE channel. Why can't I overclock? I've tried looser memory timing, disabling HTing, nothing works. Anyone here with this board and a SATA drive been able to successfully overclock?
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  1. That's would appear to me that since the board has a locked pci/agp bus increasing fsb would have no impact on the sata controller. Try to update your bios to the latest revision...this may iron out any glitches that may cause this.
  2. Well I already had the latest BIOS revision. Anyway, the problem turned out to be that I needed to lock my AGP/PCI bus. Once I did this I could overclock my CPU/DRAM up to 219 mhz. Anything above that then the system would not boot and I had to clear the CMOS just to get into the BIOS setup. I thought I could overclock to 240 mhz? Why is it failing at 219 mhz? Does that mean I need to increase the CPU voltage? I'm at 1.525 v now. Would 1.55 be better?
  3. what type of cooling are you using?
  4. Koolance water cooled case.
  5. yes try increasing the voltage

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