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Hi people, I am about to make a DIY watercooling system, but as "DIY" as possible, because I finished designing my own waterblock, well I cant make a pump (so I use an Hydor Seltz L30), I also took the design of the passive ZALMAN ZM-HP-80A cooler and will make a block for VGA but that ressembles it (To help dissipate the heat). But my problem is with good radiator, because I cant figure out how to build one, is a little diffcult. And if it could be not a common radiator (I think that common radiators dont have good surface for contact with water). So in general, I would appreciate any help with really DIY watercooling parts, like blocks, home made radiators, etc. And cheap providers (better if the sell online) for basic parts, or maybe there is someone who can make a part based on my designs.
Ah, is it possible to make a peltier or is better to buy one?
Thank you,
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  1. I would just buy an old car heating radiator from a car junkyard/garage.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  2. so you need to find a copper block to make your waterblock from? i know danger den sells just metal blocks <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. the measurements are in inches, where 2.54cm = 1 inch
    for the radiator, get a car radiator like svol said
    for the fan, you're probably going to have to buy one right..?
    gonna have to buy the tubing
    i don't see you making a peltier either
    so really the only thing you can make is the block - which is still more than most people do - good luck with that

    <A HREF="" target="_new">411 UR 84$3 R 8310N6 2 U$</A>
  3. Quote:
    Ah, is it possible to make a peltier or is better to buy one?

    Impossible to make one that is good enough to cool a CPU.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  4. Ok I see that I must forget the experiment with homemade peltiers (as I also saw on internet.. internet=google??).
    As the waterblock will have a transparent cover, I am not sure if I should use plexiglass or polycarbonate material, since polycarbonate is 10 times more resitent to shocks but more sensible to acid or alcaline environment. I think that since the water for cooling is distilled it wont be a problem with polycarbonate, that also has higher melting temperature.
  5. find out how basic or acidic Water Wetter is (or whatever substance you'll use)

    <A HREF="" target="_new">411 UR 84$3 R 8310N6 2 U$</A>
  6. Definately visit a spare parts shop or used caryard. The number of oil coolers or heater elements available is staggering, and you are bound to find one thats the right size for you.

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  7. polycarbonate is will fog when in contact with harsh chemicals but will not melt or anything (unless it is REALLY harsh...will hold up to acetone though) may become a bit more brittle. But for something like water weter which i would assume is basically alchohl polycarbonate will neither fog or become britle.
  8. Actually WaterWetter contains alkalines... so polycarbonate would be a bad choice if he wants to use that.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  9. I think I wont use water wetter, but i want to add some phosforescent liquid to the water, does it have bad effect on heat dissipation? And what if I use some kind of alcohol, say isopropylic, since they have lower boiling point, i think it could help.. Or I am wrong?
    I also saw some design of radiators where the water heat is transmitted to a coolant inside a radiator (I think the same of a refrigerator) and the coolant's heat is transmitted to the air through the radiator itself. Anybody know if such kind of radiators exist on the market for the PC?
  10. just like svol said, but its no the radiator you're looking for, thats kinda big and will cost too much - use a car's "heater core" for your radiator - thats what i did (from a 1973 buick, costed me $20 and its 13" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/2").

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  11. I don't think phosforescent liquid would interfere with the cooling cabilities as a lot of OC'ers use it.
    But I've never tried something like alcohol... I wouldn't try it because it is much more flameable and you need to redesing your system so it efficiently uses the vaporising capability of the alcohol (in other words design a phase-change system which is difficult and takes lots of time).

    I never saw a refrigerator like radiators, most of them are probably hand made from old parts of a freezer... but then you run the change of get sub ambient temps which bring condensation everywhere the water runs (so you have to isolate your entire system).
    I do know that there are waterchiller devices based on peltiers but then you also run the chance of condensation and they're much less efficient then a good radiator and some quiet fans (and also use way mroe power).

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
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