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IS7 P4 2.4C overclock problems

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July 6, 2003 5:23:19 AM

I am having a hard time getting a good CPU overclock with my 2.4C on an Abit IS7. Right now I have the stock cooler and am planning on getting a Zalman CNPS7000. The stock cooler provides temps of 45-50 deg C at idle.

I have set the RAM ratio to 3:3 and 5:4 to no avail. I have bumped up the voltage to 1.75v. I have even tried bumping up the RAM voltage even though it isnt exceeding 200. The best speed I can usually get is around 230 FSB. Not a very good overclock it seems.

Should I try 1.8 or 1.9 vcore or just wait for a better cooler? Will 1.9v harm the CPU over the long term? Any other ideas?

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July 6, 2003 6:10:16 AM

I don't believe any vCore about 1.65v will do much more for you than make more heat. vCore of 1.75v or higher has been known to kill the CPU.

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July 7, 2003 1:19:01 AM

So is the stock cooler what is probably holding me back. The CPU temps aren't getting all that high. I'm disappointed not to be able to hit 3.0 with relaxed RAM timings.
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July 7, 2003 6:54:26 AM

I have no clue as to what's holding you back, but if you already have it at 1.65v or 1.70v, it's definately not a voltage issue.

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July 8, 2003 1:42:42 AM

Has anyone else had poor overclocks with the IS7? If so what did you do to help it along?
July 16, 2003 9:19:06 PM

Wow wtf - I have the same setup. Stock voltages and cooling I can set the FSB to 250 no problem. If I bump the VCore to 1.650 I can get it to 267. After some Prime95 the BIOS reads the Temps at about 63C. Right now Im using DDR370 with that 3:2 divider. Is it worth it to upgrade to DDR433 to run it at the 5:4 divider?

Oh yeah since were on IS7 problems, When you installed that LAN, did the drivers tell you that you had the GigaBit Ethernet? Thats a glitch right? The IS7 only comes with 10/100 Ethernet so why the hell is it saying GigaBit?!

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July 16, 2003 11:41:43 PM

Here's a guy who's overclocking an IC7. Dunno if that's pretty much the same or not, but, <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

He's managed an overclock of 3459MHz (288 FSB) with air cooling (Zalman CNPS7000-Cu Ultra-Quiet CPU Cooler) and voltage of 1.7V, and a 3:2 CPU/Mem ratio.

That'll do me nicely! :smile: In fact I'll settle for 3.2GHz or even 3GHz if it's a question of noise or heat.

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July 16, 2003 11:57:44 PM

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