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3rd party multimedia on the Xbox

December 11, 2012 10:58:51 PM

I just recently got an Xbox 360, and I'm still figuring out what exactly it can do and what it's limitations are... I had always assumed if I wanted to, I could take some MP3 songs, some JPEGs, some PNGs, or even some ripped DVD movies I have on my PC, throw them onto a USB stick, and view them on the Xbox so I can enjoy all that from my TV in the living room. You know... BASIC multimedia compatibility.

I plugged in a USB stick, and the xbox seems to see it in "settings" "system" and "storage", but it doesn't see the files I put on there. It tells me I have to "configure" my USB device to use it with the Xbox or "Customize" how much space of the device I want to use with the Xbox. I tried to configure it, and it seems to have filled all 7.4 GBs with metadata. It almost looks like it formatted the drive so that it can only put songs or movies from one Xbox to another Xbox. Did Microsoft really lock out everything that doesn't come from the Xbox's market? Because I'm pretty sure even my friend's Playstation can view 3rd party media. I understand they want to curb piracy but what about legitimate things, what if I want to view pictures I've taken with my camera, the Xbox can't do that?

And I'd rather not hack it or root it or jailbreak or whatever... if that can be avoided.