Connect PS3 controller to PC

I've got Bluetooth built in, is there any way to connect it VIA Bluetooth?

There are 10 billion guides that say this but they seem to forget that plugging it in via USB first defeats the entire purpose of even using Bluetooth at all. I don't have a USB connector with me.
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  1. unlikley as there is no set standard for blue tooth. many bT devices wont recognize 1 an other or if they do they will only work 1 way. then again you may get lucky but like i say its a 1 in 3 chance it will work.
    even if it does work you have to get some software to run the handset off the bluetooth and i dont think there is any.
    you can get a ps3 to pc reciver much like the woreless 1 you get for the 360 wireless pad. its not cheap but does work.
    honestly though there all a bit of a gimmick... if you can just buy something like a logitech dual action... its a ps3 shaped wired controler that is actually better quality then the ps3 generic wired 1.
  2. I'm pretty sure this driver utility supports the PS3 controller over bluetooth. It looks like its limited to only certain Bluetooth HW though. See this list :
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