Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Install error

How do I get the adobe flash player 10.1 to work? Every time I try to install I keep getting a message (error: installation failed) and I have tried everything to install it even deleting it from my registry and uninstalling it and still get the error.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
8GB DDR2 Kingston HyperX 1066 ram
Radeon 5770
Intel Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz
MSI P45 Platinum Motherboard CrossfireX Edition
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  1. just download Auto from internet, you open IE/Firefox/Cometbir or other Ask adobe flash player just click auto download Adobe Flash Player let do finish, don't install from CD or USB not work.....
  3. Dude you don't get don't install at all even if i download it
  4. Try the uninstaller to remove all related files.
    Then try to install a standalone version.
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