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I got my Lenova Pc with Intel Family Graphics 4000, 8gigs of RAM and 64Bit Windows 7 some time ago, it run all nice and dandy until the last 2-3 weeks. I could run all of my games like TF2 L4D and Binding of Isaac in full screen mode, but now whenever im trying to run any game in full screen, all i get is a black screen. I can still hear the sound of the game and in most of the cases i can Alt-Tab out, if i cant the only way out of the game is shutting the computer down. I think I have all the drivers up to date.

I noticed that sometimes the computer asks me if all the hardware is installed properly before booting up the windows, im gonna be checking later if there are any loose parts or the fan is dirty. I read on some other forums that its happening becouse of the Commodo Firewall, though I dont have it installed so its not the case.

If anyone knows the solution I would apreciate if youd haelp me out
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  1. If you play any games the best solution will be to purchase a video card that meets your requirements.

    Gaming on a HD4000 is really only a stopgap solution IMHO.

    A 'part of' your motherboard might have become defective (for example).

    Are you able to do a side-by-side Windows installation to isolate the fault?
  2. I am buying a card next week, the thing is I wonder is it the fault of the Intel Graphics Card or something else. I noticed thats it started to happen just after i installed thr Official Facebook MEssenger, though its probably a coincidence :D
    I dont knwo what you mean by the side-by-side Windows instalation.

    i defraged the registries and my hardrive last night, i wondered will it solve anything, it did not. Also how could i check if my motherboard is faulty? Also, is it possible that I have problems with that becouse the graphics card is overheating due to the dirty dan?
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