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I was curious, how do you get Quake III Arena to run the demos to tell you what the fps was after the demo is finished? Its been done probably 1000 times in all the benchmarks in the CPU and Graphics Guides but they've never said how you get the fps number from Quake III.
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  1. Oh damn, I haven't done this for a long time...

    timedemo 001

    I THINK.

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  2. Press ~
    Type timedemo 1
    Type demo demo001
    Press ~ again for the results

    If you want to compare to others you need to do the test with sound disabled. To do this create a link/shortcut to the Q3 executable. Add "+set s_initsound 0 + set cd_nocd 1" to the end of the target string, without the quote marks.

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  3. do we still need to install the latest patch for quake 3 before being able to do this?

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  4. Pretty sure it works on all versions of Q3.

    I don't actually have the game. I just use the old Q3 demo and it's old (version 1.09 I think). Results are close enough for my purpose, though.

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