Mouse orientation swapping automatically

I have recently installed Windows 7 on my Compaq laptop (three days ago). I am facing an awkward problem. My mouse is occasionally changing orientation automatically - by that I mean left click and right click SWAP.

Every now and then I find myself going to control panel fixing this.

Is there any solution for the same?
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  1. That's not normal.

    Run through the guide in my signature.
  2. The first thing that I installed after Windows 7 was Norton Internet Security 2011. So, I am pretty sure that my computer is not hosting any malware.

    Does it make sense to go for a full computer scan anyway?
  3. Yes. Your mouse buttons shouldn't be switching randomly.
  4. Ok. Will do it and get back to you.
  5. No malware detected.
  6. Are you sure the finger isn't hitting both buttons at the same time?

    The next suggestion would be to uninstall it from the device manager, and then restarting. That will reinstall the driver.
  7. I have discovered that the problem occurs when I try to use the touchpad, with my USB mouse being connected. Does this help?
  8. Is it the USB mouse, or the touchpad buttons that are switching?

    If you have both, look in the device manager, and see if both are showing up. If they are, try disabling the one you don't use.
  9. Both switch.
  10. Yes, obviously disabling one would resolve the problem.

    But that ain't the ideal solution. Is it?
  11. What brand of Mouse is it? Could you try another optical mouse. Maybe it's the driver used with that specific brand of optical mouse.
  12. IBall ...
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    No, it's not ideal, and shouldn't be necessary.

    Short of reinstalling the driver, and updating the BIOS, there's not much else I can think of to suggest.
  14. Windows 7 Action Center just asked me to update driver for my Alps Touch pad. Lets see if it fixes the problem.
  15. It did. Thanks to all for their valuable time.
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  17. Good to hear!
    Thanks for the vote. :)
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