CPU, Motherboard and Graphics card under $350

Hi, I'm going to go to the States in less than two weeks and I was trying to buy some components under $350 so customs won't bust my butt when I get back to my country (Argentina)

I was searching for an AMD + Radeon combination but I just can't figure out what to get

So far I was checking out a Radeon HD 7750 and maybe an FX 6300 but I rely on your knowledge to correct me

Thanks in advance for all the help
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  1. Leave one of the three out, whichever is cheaper/easier to get back home.
    - Otherwise you're wasting your money on crap anyway.
  2. the place that you'll be visiting, check if you have a microcenter nearby


    if you do, you can save $50 off motherboard when you buy a CPU + motherboard in their store. It's an instant discount so there's no mail-in rebate crap that you have to deal with.

    after you buy the CPU + mobo you will see how much money you'll have left for video card, if it's anything below 7770, don't bother buying it.
  3. I'm gonna go for CPU and Graphics

    Which models would you recommend? Still on AMD + Radeon and same budget, $350 or below
  4. I'm gonna be using this ram (just in case that changes anything about anything)

    Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB (2x4GB Modules) 1600MHz DDR3
  5. Sorry to bump this but I really need some help with the models for those two components
  6. I'd Listen to Scott- really I would rather buy CPU and motherboard first coz some CPU do have a powerful GPU - especially 3rd Gen intel processors or AMD FX BUILDOZERS OR A-Series chips( A - series chips have good GPU).
    My suggestion is the above - Go for intel 3rd gen processor with a good motherboard with a nice ram, you would end up around 300 $. Now , you can't get anything good for 50 $.
  7. What if I went for an FX 4100 with an MSI HD7770 and an Asus M5A88-M? That combo goes for around $350
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