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Hi all.

I recently upgraded my CPU to an XP 2600+ (333Mhz) and accordingly, bought a new heatsink/fan to accomodate the hotter chip (CoolerMaster Aero 7+).

I've OC'd the CPU to 2.2Ghz (12.5 x 176FSB at 1.7v) and it seems stable enough. The thing is this... the Aero 7+ is rated at 1900 - 3500rpm but I'm only getting +/- 2000rpm from it. My CPU temp hovers around 56C and my system around 30C, which is 2 degrees hotter than it was before the upgrade.

What can I do to get more from the new fan -- give it a dedicated line to the PSU? BTW, there doesn't seem to be any control over fan speed in the BIOS (MSI KT4V-L). Bottom line, I'd like to get things a little cooler (say around 45 - 50C) w/o getting into any fancy-shmancy alternative cooling solutions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. the adjustable nob should give you the full 3500 rpm when u turn it 2 max. so i would imagine that it is actually running at 3500RPM, unless the fan is faulty. are you reading the RPM from bios or from a windows program??
  2. Thanks but I figured it out. I had the "Fan Only" connectors in my Antec Plus880 case overtaxed w/6 case fans before connecting the Aero 7+. I simply hooked the Aero up to one of my device connectors and now it's getting the voltage it needs. It's spinning at 3300rpm (albeit noisily) and my CPU is now a comfy 47C. =)

    Thanks again.

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