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Hi i am new to online FPS gaming and would like to know which call of duty would be he best to start with.Call of duty black ops 2 or Modern warfare 3. The only FPS i ever played online was COD4 MW. So what would be the best game in terms of multiplayer. Also i dont care about the singleplayer.
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    If i had to pick between Call of Duty Rinse and Repeat and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Rinse and Repeat, your really getting the same game.

    Black Ops 2 = Futuristic and Zombies

    Modern Warefare 3 = Somewhat in the Future and no Zombie.

    I have played them both, but stopped outright buying call of duty games as of this year and in the future. I got tired of playing the game that just got a better render every year.

    So if you had to pick, iwould go with black ops 2 because it would be the cleanest of the two.
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