Black ops 2 fps problems

Hy all, i have average fps of 35-40 on my system spec which i will provide later when i write my problem. I have set everything to low or off ingame(shadows, ragdoll, sync every frame etc), only resolution is 1920x1080. Is it possible to get higher fps with my rig? I would like to have constant fps rate(with 60 i would be more than happy) not drop downs every few minutes if possible.

My system spec: (graphic card has 1gb not 512mb)

My ATI drivers:

My settings ingame:

Ingame menu i get 58-60fps as you see but ingame it falls down considerably.

If you need more informations you are more than welcome to ask me :)

Tnx everyone for help and forgive me if my grammar failed. :na:

I appologize if i missed topic for fps problems.

p.s. I am talking for multiplayer version
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  1. Your hardware is outdated, maybe lower resolution. My 550Ti runs at mid-high on multiplayer
  2. I'm having the same problem and would be grateful to those who help others. I'm trying to solve this problem since I bought the game which was November 27th = /. Does the game need an urgent patch?!
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