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hey guys, well my xbox graphics are messing up bad, so ok. wen i turn on my xbox and the resolution is 1920x1080p high rez, but after like 10 to 15 min the graphics get horrible, they become jagged and fuzzy and grainy, please help email me at
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  1. please guys i need help
  2. i have tried multiple hdmi cords and stuff etc etc
  3. don't have access to e-mail at work so ill justt reply here.

    since you mentioned it is an xbox 360 elite, i can safely assume it is at least 3 years old now and starting to give out on you. sound like the GPU is having some issues keeping cool. try opening up the console and cleaning it out and and apply new thermal compound to the GPU and CPU. I use arctic silver 5 which can be bought at just about any small computer shop, never found it at any big box stores around my place.

    try that out and see what results you get, if it is still having issues then it could potentionally be the solder is going back and needs a reflow or a malfunction in the chip itself
  4. lol. should i just buy a newish xbox?
  5. If he's not comfortable repairing hardware, then yeah just buy a new Xbox.
    The Xbox 720 will be out in 2013 so they should all be on special atm....

    Thermal compound and a screwdriver will set you back $20 tops.
  6. being that the xbox is that old it could just be overheating due to not being cleaned, would be the best to try first, would be a much cheaper fix. if that still does not resolve then consider buying a used or new.
  7. how long will the thermal fix it?
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    depends how long and how much you use it, AS5 works better the longer it is used, but again after a year i always replace the compound and even with a 3.5g tube you can probably re-apply it 10x over
  9. 13 minutes before complaining that no-one has responded, that has to be a record. well. done.
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