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Games arent Launching from Steam

Hello I pre puchased Company of heroes 2 from steam and got COH1 as a bonus i also purchased KillingFloor and neither of them will launch ive tried Disabling my fire wall and UAC reinstalling and verify the games cache and also Defraging nothing works i play warz, hitman and Farcry3 (i got hitman Free) fine but those games just dont work and now BF3 isnt working all my drives are up to date the customer support was useless can anyone help!

This is a Brand New PC
ASROCKZ77 Extreme 4
16GB Memory
3TB Storage
Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
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    Run Steam as Admin then re-verify the game cache.
    - If that doesn't work disable Norton and try the above again.
  2. It worked thank you
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