Far cry 3 on 2 7970's

im trying to run far cry 3 on 2 7970's on 3 screens with a max res of 5760x108..kind of an odd resolution.
Are these two cards not powerful enough to handle the game maxed out or is it a driver issue?
I do notice disabling msaa and it runs better, but not great by any means..

after reading various threads, seems its a driver issue on amds side that has yet to be addressed? or is it my cards?

I would think that these cards can handle anything out now or due out in the near future with ease..
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  1. funny enough the thg review of far cry 3 mentions that resolution on the last page of it



    As far as 5760x1080 goes, forget about playing at Ultra quality with 4x MSAA. We're not sure that there's a rig out there able to deliver perfectly playable performance without some sort of compromise on detail settings.
  2. You are right, I can play it, but it does lag a bit. I guess it is a combo between driver support and what else? just not enough power? with a 3930 and 2 7970's though?

    Hitman runs better..but without msaa, not that I can tell the difference as far as the details on the screen
  3. its interesting though, hitman and far cry both run better with my one 7970 than both? even with msaa on at 2 or 4x. So I guess it is in large part a driver issue
  4. yeah may be an sli issue

    i only game at 1920 x 1080 so never seen the need for more than one card

    i am playing far cry 3 on a gigabyte 7970 with 12.10 drivers

    without any problem

    theres a beta driver available to improve performance in far cry 3


    dont know how cpu intensive the game is

    but got a 2600k at 5ghz so not an issue for me there
  5. Hi :)
    Which drivers are you using ?

    I have a 7990 which is basically both your cards in one...

    I run the 12.11 Beta drivers for Far Cry 3... the one linked to in above post..

    All the best Brett :)
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