No steam, no multiplayer. Internet otherwise fine.


I'm not a guru or anything when it comes to something like this but when I started up my computer AVG popped up asking for an update, which I did and it began to download.

I was in a game at the time (online) which suddenly hung, I switched out and closed it off when my computer froze. I couldn't do much with it which eventually lead me to hitting the reset button on the body.

It then went through this whole 'windows is trying to repair what happened' cycle which it said it eventually concluded could not do. However the computer then restarted again and was seemingly working fine.

However, now when I try and access a game, any game, it can't connect online. I can however go on a forum like this and post, watch a video on youtube etc. in other words access the internet fine.

I uninstalled AVG and am still having the issue, I checked windows defender and the games are allowed through the default firewall.

I can post system specs if needed. I've never had any issues like this before now, any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Did you try system restore? That might fix it. Or some like cc cleaner to fix the registry.
  2. I managed to sort it by reinstalling AVG and disabling a feature called 'resident shield'. It looked like AVG had switched the settings on a bunch of my ports that disabling this feature negated.

    So I can function like normal but I have to have AVG installed.. and lobotimised to work. Is there a safe way to remove AVG and revert the ports?
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