A virus which does not affect in safe mode and a strange sf.bin

i have got a virus that my AV can\'t detect.it doest have any effect while in safe mode.i tried to scan with avast pro AV 5.0.545(not up to date) and noticed a strange process sf.bin occuring repeatedly.i tried to play my games and every time system was restarded for and now my system strarts only in safe mode where in normal startup mode,after installing KIS2011 a blue screen appears reporting some memory problems,with messages like "if this is your first time.......".the cpu usage is 99% or more in normal mode while trying to scan for viruses. while in safe mode it is normal (14% to 25%). how do i get rid of this virus or whatever it is?
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  1. [#0005ff]Restart and this time, select Safe Mode with Networking. Go to http://www.malwarebytes.com and download MalwareBytes. Let it update and then run the Full Scan which may take some time, and at the Show Results screen, just press Remove Selected then restart in to the same mode. Update your AV and scan with it then after another restart, try Normal Mode.[/#000ff]
  2. Run through the malware guide in my signature.

    It's good that it's not causing any issues in safe mode. Most malware is dormant. But if the system files get infected, then you can see the effects more in safe mode. Since you aren't, the infection may not be all that bad.
  3. sf.bin is the code emulation process used by the Avast! 5 shields to support heuristic evaluation of threats. It actually comes over as part of the Virus Database Updates. But there is no reason for OA to be watching it, so exclusion of the whole Avast5 folder is what I have done. This also helps if you have issues with avast.setup or some of the other files that avast creates and destroys as part of its update process.
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