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I want to buy BF3: PE, to pay EA minimally, without cutting out DICE.

December 15, 2012 3:13:27 AM

Alright. My new gaming computer as been everything and more I could ask for ever since I built it last month. However, one thing is missing. Battlefield 3. I'll have you know that I hold a very strong vendetta against EA, and I refuse - REFUSE to support the evil empire's bastard software distributer, Origin! So, this is why I'm getting it off GameFly or something. As much I hate EA with every fiber of my very being, I simply love DICE to death. And in my attempt to spite EA, I can't help but ask. From what sources I can buy Battlefield 3: Premium Edition in a way where the very least amount of money will go to EA, the price is lower than Origin's, and I will not cut out from DICE's share in any way at all. Thanks, guys.