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I made a back up copy of the whole BF3 folder by copy+paste before upgrading my OS to Win7 64bit. However, BF3 Aftermath was still patching that time. I re-installed Origin and most games (fully patched) are all working fine, but not BF3.

Origin is trying to download all files again to my PC since I guess it can't read the incomplete BF3 files I have.

Is there any way to make Origin read the game files and just patch the missing Aftermath files or do I really have to go through downloading the whole game?
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  1. Copy the BF3 folder(Or where your origin is pointing) to where you installed it in the first place.Then goto origin,hover on BF3 icon and click "Repair Install".A file of around 150 mb will download.

    Origin should read BF3 after that.Simply download the patch and Aftermath afterwards.
  2. "Repair Install" is not showing to any games I reinstated. I had to right click > download and Origin reads the files I placed to its path folder, where Origin directs. (These are the games that are up-to-date before I upgrade my OS.)

    Same with BF3, there is no option to repair. I tried to download it like what I've done with the other games I successfully reinstaed but unfortunately Origin does not read the BF3 back up files I have. It just downloads the whole game all over again.
    (Same issue with all the outdated games I have before upgrading.)
  3. I don't know for sure if this will work with the partially patched aftermath files but give it a go

    Step 1: Remove the copied folder again from your origin folder (keeping the backup).
    Step 2: Begin downloading BF3 from scratch
    Step 3: When you reach about 0.1% install ... although you can go to 1% if you want, stop the download
    Step 4: Copy your backed up bf3 files to the origin battlefield 3 folder containing the download you have just halted
    Step 5: Don't worry about whether you copy over any new files, the point of this was to create recognition of BF3 by origin
    Step 6: Once you have copied your backup in, start the origin download of BF3 again ... hopefully origin will tell you that BF3 is now mostly installed except for the aftermath DLC
    Step 7: either the download of aftermath should continue after this or you can right click the BF3 icon in origin and select to repair your install

    Hope this works, if not you may just need to redownload BF3 again, or find a way to remove the partially downloaded aftermath dlc from your backup before copying it in to the origin folder.
  4. Didn't work. Hard to know which files are for the Aftermath patch.
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