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I've recently purchased a new Thermaltake Volcano 9 heatsink/fan for my AMD 1700+ XP processor on my machine. I took out the crappy old stock one that came with the processor and used some OCZ Ultra Premium Thermal Compound which I've been reading in some reviews is just as good as if not better than AS3. The motherboard is a MSI KT3 Ultra and I've recently attempted overclocking of my CPU, currently it is running at 1666.2 MHz, or stock standard for an AMD 2000+ XP.

For the last couple days since I purchased/installed the new sink/fan I've been monitoring the temperatures through MSI's own PC Alert III which came with my mobo. I also upgraded to the latest BIOS version recently as well. I've noticed something odd about the temperatures being reported (It is currently 25C in the room): While my system is idling my CPU temperature reads as 32C, which is much better than the temps I was getting before the new sink/fan, but the odd thing is that the chassis temp is the same as the CPU, sometimes the CPU being lower than the chassis temp by 1 degree. The load temps of my CPU jump to 48C which I assumed was due to the fact of my CPU core being a Palomino. The chassis temp under load was around 41C. I also have two case fans on the system, one intake, one exhaust. Oh, I forgot to mention that I checked the PC Alert III readings against the BIOS one's and they do reflect each other accordingly.

I was just wondering about the CPU/Chassis temp similarity, as this seems quite odd, but I thought might be due to the position of the sensor on the mobo, which is unknown to me. Could someone clear this up for me, and also is there any documentation for motherboards in which they show the position of the sensors? I've searched through the technical documentation on MSI's site but to no avail.
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  1. if that is indeed a palamino then those temps are probably off...i have not experience very good things with msi's Fuzzy logic 4...try motherboard monitor.

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  2. I'm using PC Alert 3, not Fuzzy Logic. I tried using PC Alert 4 but I didn't like the excessive GUI they implemented with it so stuck with 3. I've checked the temps against the BIOS ones and they correspond correctly, I'll try motherboard monitor though... thx
  3. I've got an MSI KT3 Ultra as well, and I can tell you one thing - the temp readout is pretty off when i use PC Alert, but try motherboard monitor and you'll get much more accurate numbers.. .also, look into getting a compunurse or other temp monitoring hardware to get waaayyy more accurate numbers.

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  4. Well, I've now tried MBM 5 and it's giving me the same readings for the temps as PC Alert is, I checked all the different sensors that it listed, and the two that don't give -45 degree readings give the same as PC Alert... so I'm guessing they might not be too inaccurate then.
  5. well sounds like you have a nicly cooled system...are you sure its pally?

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  6. actually i suggest you f#ck around with MBM5 a lil more till you get the right readings... not home right now to tell you what the right settings are for the KT3, but if you like i can check, you can copy these and see if it helps with an accurate temp reading

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  7. Oh, it's definately a pally, i visually recognized the proc when I put on the Volcano 9 as well as the fact the temp jumps about 16 degrees under load :smile:

    And error_911, if u could gimme those settings for the kt3 that'd be great
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