Need help in mice.

I really need help to buy a mouse with a max 90$. I'm a claw/finger grip. I'm 15 and I have a small hand compared to my friends.
Anyone can help? I've been searching and I found these interesting.

Steelseries Sensei
Steelseries Xai
Razer DeathAdder
Logitech G9x ( Don't like design )
Logitech G500 (I dont like the design also)

Give opinions about other mouses also. I really want to make the right choice.
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  1. Between those it seems like the Sensei and the Deathadder would be the best options. Those are just very solid mice overall. However you could save a bit of money and go with a logitech g400. Its a very solid mouse with an extremely comfortable design. Check it out,, very good reviews on it overall.
  2. If he doesn't like the G500, assuming due to shape, he won't like the G400. However, I find those to be great mice.
  3. RAT 7 MMO is quite nice.
  4. I don't like the logitech shape at all ...
    That's the question Sensei or Deathadder? I'm a FPS player, mainly COD and BF3 and I also play league of legends.
    About the R.A.T, I've seen many reviews and I don't really like it.
  5. anyone'?
  6. What about the design of the logitech mice do you not like? If it is just the artwork, then I'd recommend the G500, or G400, but if it is the shell, then I can't help as I really like the shell on the G500.
  7. I think you would feel differently if you actually held a g400 in your hand. So comfortable. Anyways, between the sensei and the deathadder I have no complaints about the deathadder at all, its my go to mouse. You cant really go wrong with it. I like the idea of the Sensei but dont have experience with it, from what it seems its solid though.
  8. I'm thinking about deathadder with a steelseries mouse pad.
  9. Zowie mice are used by most competitive gamers these days ... they have minimal design and are very comfortable
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