Major Problems with 2 Games! Please Help

Alright there are 2 PC games I am having major issues with right now that I cannot for the life of me get to run or run correctly. Its only these two games for some strange reason any other game I have tried works perfectly fine.

First is Majesty 2 Collection from Steam. I installed it about a week ago and it ran fine without any issues, I didnt change anything or any drivers but on the 4th day of having it installed and running I tried to run the program and got this message.

"The game is starting in safe mode due to forced shutdown. It's possible that graphics settings do not correspond to configuration of your computer. Continue running in safe mode? Yes to set default graphics settings and continue, No start game with custom graphic settings."

I have tried both yes and no and it crashes as soon as I hit either yes or no. I have reinstalled the game and my drivers are up to date for my video card. I have no idea what else to do about this problem. At the time my drivers were the new nvidia beta drivers but I rolled back to the release version with a clean install and it still did nothing to fix the issue.

Second. Sims 3 and me are not getting along well at all. I bought it off amazon and used the amazon downloader to download and install it. Whenever I try to run the game, it starts up fine but its a very very low resolution. When I try to set the resolution in game to my native resolution of 1920x1080 or if I try to run it in windowed mode it crashes to desktop for no known reason. I am also stumped on this as well. If it was happening on all my games then I know it would have to be a hardware issue but I have tried changing resolution on League of Legends, Saints Row 3, Kingdoms 7 and a couple others with no issues at all.

I have asked both on steam forums, sims 3 forums and paradox forums regarding both of these games with either no response or people had no idea what the issue was. Not sure where else to go to ask this but hopefully you guys can help me get this figured out.

Edit: Before I forget!
Windows 8 64bit Pro
Nvidia 470 GTX

Edit2: Ill be damned... After taking a look at my dxdiag I found the issue with Majesty 2. For some strange reason that I cannot even begin to fathom having mumble open completly crashes Majesty 2 with a graphical error... lol never heard of anything like that in my life. Just shut down mumble and opened up majesty with no issues.

Edit3: Sure enough ill be damned part 2, mumble was the issue with Sims 3 as well, I am not sure if this is faulty on the part of the games, mumble or windows 8 but sure enough after looking at my dxdiag it showed faults between those two programs and mumble. Very strange that mumble would be messing with and causing graphical crashes with games...
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  1. did u download the drivers for windows 8 because i downloaded the drivers for windows 7 they worked but they werent stable
  2. Ramzzz2936 said:
    did u download the drivers for windows 8 because i downloaded the drivers for windows 7 they worked but they werent stable

    Umm... Im not even sure how to respond to this question/statement.
  3. chances are its caused by mumbles overlay. causing steams overlay to crash... try disabling steams overlay system...
    also make sure you check the game file integrity b4 you run it again.
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