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My friend was having problems with Windows 7 (Some sectors of his hard drive went bad, and no matter how much I urge him he doesn't get a new hard drive). Now that Windows 8 is out I was wondering how if we needed to have him purchase the system builder or the upgrade. I am wondering this because his computer doesn't have Windows 7 on it anymore so I don't know if the upgrade version would reject his computer, or if it would work. Thanks for all of the replies!
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    Hi :)

    I seriously doubt 8 will install on a crashed hard drive....

    He does realise that sooner or later that drive will damage a sector containing windows start up files.... and then he WONT GET INTO WINDOWS EVER AGAIN....and there is a VERY GOOD chance he will lose ALL his data on the drive....unless he wants to pay a data recovery company THOUSANDS to recover it...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Microsoft does not support upgrading from the Release Preview to the RTM build. Your friend is going to have to do a fresh install. While you're at it, get your friend to heed Brett and your advice about the hard drive. He's going to really regret not getting a replacement drive if he doesn't have his data backed up.
  3. I'll tell him that he needs to get his hard drive fixed ASAP. but for the Winodws 7, there is recovery media, so will that install w/out the Windows key? I remeber I used those for my laptop but I forgot if it needs the key or not.
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