Radeon 9600 Pro Overclocking Problem

I just got a Sapphire Radeon 9600 pro. I bought the Lite box so, it didn't come with the games nor did it come with the "Redline" overclocking utility. I have Windows98 so, I figured my only other option was Rage3d. I installed it, but it does not give me the option to overclock. The box where the sliders are supposed to be are empty. When I installed it (and re-installed it), it said it detected my 9600 card. But, it acts really flaky, and I cannot o/c the card.

Are there any other utilities that I can use for Win98 to o/c my card? Does anyone have the Redline program that I might get it from them? Has anyone else had this problem with Rage3D + Sapphire 9600 pro + Win98? Any advice (besides get a better video card)?
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  1. Well you can always use Powerstrip, it should work well, and if that didn't work try radeonator.

    I hate Computers! I could only overclock my Barton 2500+ to 2645mhz. My Radeon 9700pro core/mem speed won't go above 410/720. I really hate computers!
  2. Rage3Dtweak is the BEST IMO. but if you are having problems (blame sapphire not rage), then try using RadClocker. It's included in the OMEGA drivers. The new version is almost as good as Rage3DTweak. go to <A HREF="http://www.omegacorner.com" target="_new">Omegadrive's Little Corner</A> be sure to read the readme file first. However once that's done you should be fine.

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