T-bird 1.1 OC on a K7N2 Delta?

I've just upgraded my mobo and memory (to an MSI K7N2 Delta-L and 1 Gig of Crucial PC2700) and I'm intending on upgrading my processor in the next couple of months. But, at the moment I'm running a standard Athlon 1.1GHz (200MHz FSB) Thunderbird. Can I overclock it, and if so, how? I know the FSB multiplier is locked (I know I could use a pencil, but I'm not that brave!) can I just increase the FSB on the mobo (via the BIOS)?



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  1. The Multiplier on the Thunderbirds are locked. Here's how u go about increasing the FSB.

    First, increase the FSB in short steps of 4. Boot in to windows, run some CPU intensive programs such as Prime95 or benchmark using Sisoft Sandra 2003 or 3DMark 2001. If the tests run stable without any errors, congratulations ur first step at overclocking has been successful.

    Now restart, increase the FSB by another 4 and do repeat with the test. Keep doing this untill to the point when ur comp wont bot at all.

    Reset the jumper on the mobo to clear the C-MOS. Now ur BIOS will be loaded with Default parameters.Now set the FSB to 2 below the value that caused your system to crash. Check for stability and u r done with overclocking.

    If this runs stable, then the next step is to increase the Vcore by a tiny amount. Suppoe the Vcore was set to 1.7V initially, then now try with the Vcore at 1.725V or 1.75V. Increment in small amounts. Then you cud reach a little higher on the FSB.

    I do believe u have a good heat sink in there. I do suggest that u <b><font color=red>KEEP AN EYE ON THE CPU TEMPERETURE. DONT LET IT GO OVER 70C</b></font color=red>

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    Scottchen's</b> sig: I could only overclock my Barton 2500+ to 2645mhz. My Radeon 9700pro core/mem speed won't go above 410/720.
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