Any Gaming Mice? Budget - There Is No Budget! =D

I'm looking for a gaming mouse that's like Razer Abyssus and Deathadder, both 3500 DPI is what I use and love. Now the software is another thing. I would like it to be the same to more advance. I love the sensitivity on the software and doing macros would be nice. Any suggestion would be nice from any brands. Must be wired, I prefer wired. Brands I've used in the past are Razer and Logitech, big time fan of both.

I also love Rocketfish gear if they have any gaming mouses. Brands I'm looking into would be Cooler Master, Gigabyte, and Corsair. Again, suggest any brand. But I'm a palm gripper so how the Abyssus and Deathadder's shell would be nice to have as close as possible. Thanks in advance! =)
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  1. If you love razer and it's software so much why not go for the mamba?
  2. you could try the Anker precision laser gaming mouse 8000dpi, i reviewed a few days back. well worth the 20 bux there asking on amazon atm. it is the best budget mouse you can buy out perfoming many mice that are x2 the price.
    if you really feel you need to spend more then look up your fave mouse sensor on here and get a mouse that has the same 1 but from a different company...

    Avago ADNS-S3888 is used in the deathadder 3.5G and abyssus this is why you probably like them so much...
    if you want a comparable sensor because there is no other mouse that uses that 1 look at the avango 9500 sensor it gives comparable but higher dpi performance.
    i gotta add. i use a rat 7 contagion (refresh version) as im a claw gripper it comes with adjustments for palmer so its versatile... i recomend it if you want to spend a good wack on a premium mouse.
  3. Darth Pravus - Because it's a wireless mouse, I prefer wired so I don't have to worry about playing long game sessions on a battery life mouse dying on my a$$.

    HEXiT - Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly, I can only find that mouse from one seller only and not from Amazon themselves. Looks nice too. The Avago 9500 looks like a nice sensor.

    Any more suggestions would be helpful before I make my final purchase. =)

    Is a perfect mouse for the two you mentioned, the wireless is 1ms lag i have been using it for two weeks and it is flawless.

    :) plus it's moderatly priced and has plenty of thumbs buttons for the hotkey function :)
  5. But I don't want a wireless mouse, I want a wired one. Just a wired gaming mouse alone without it being wireless and a hybrid. I've used hybrids before and I didn't like it to much. Just wired being standalone please.
  6. then get a standard death adder if you want wireless, the naga can be wired but if you prefer just coords then go to the adder.

    Solid mouse for your style of play.
  7. The Naga is a good mouse but if you can get the RAT I would go for it. It's a great mouse.
  8. i have the rat 7 contagion and can honestly say for the money which it costs a lot for a mouse. it is 1 of the best. not only is it the most versatile as far as interchangable pars and form fitting goes. it has a decent sensor (not the best) that tracks well, limits prediction, has zero acceleration ability (not many philips sensor driven mice have this) most suffer with some form of negative acceleration (see most of the razor range).
    if you want a good mouse you will have to try a few. not just palm feel but read up as many reviews as you can find and concentrate on the negatives. any review that is straight up (its brilliant without giving at least 1 proper negative is probably a B.S. review). dont take advice from any 1 who doesn't have or at the very least used for a while, the mouse there saying buy. because they tend to recommend the mouse that has taken there fancy rather than the mouse they have experience of using.
    because i have been at this game longer than others i can often tell within a couple of minutes if a mouse is decent or not. every mouse i use i will give a thumbs up or down to. so i do sorta know what is good and whats not...
    my brutally honest opinion is stay clear of razer for the most part... a lot of there mice have issues from poor tracking to MMB breaking to just genrally poor operation...
    brands to look at , logitech, coolermaster, corsair, cyborg higher end rat 5/7/9 refreshed versions, zowie am and a new commer Anker (new precision 8000dpi mouse) i know some will be getting sick of me saying that but hey it really is the new king of budget mice.

    there are lots of things to look out for in mice the biggest being hype. just dont believe it. read the reviews then go try them yourself... any good hardware supplyer will allow you to try a display version of the mouse. i know my local pc world does.
    (mind i wouldnt buy off em unless they have it on offer because they charge to much in general).
  9. How do you know if a RAT is one of the refreshed versions?
  10. I've used razers for years and haven't had an issue with reliability, maybe i just got lucky.

    I consider myself a twitch gamer as well and with all my razer mouses they have been flawless.
  11. Well there goes Razer, been using the two mouses then they came out with the 3500 DPI since my good friend said that the gaming mouse was 'amazing'. She was right for that part, can't even use my old basic Logitech mouse anymore. Lol. But I love the Razer brand, I don't care about hyper. I care about value, what your getting out of it, is it worth what your spending. That's what I care about.

    I'm checking out the Cooler Master Inferno and Corsair M90 since he's good for those RTS, RPG's, and MMO's and good for macros. Well, Cooler Master Inferno I know is good for macros but not sure about the Corsair M90. Any more suggestions would be nice. =)
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