Will my system work on windows 7 as it is working on win xp


I have following specification:

Intel P4 2Ghz
1 GB Ram
HD Radon 3450( 512 MB)
300 GB HD

Currently my system is running ok on windows XP. I cannot affort a new PC right now, however want to upgrade my OS to windows 7.

I went through windows system specification, where my system seems to be just bare minimum to pass.

Hence want want to ask if anyone have tried such low config sys for windows 7. Will my pc work as good it works on windows XP?

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  1. 1) Run the windows-7 readiness tool to identify any potential issues:
    2) Regardless of XP or W7, get some more ram. Ram is a cheap performance upgrade.
    3) Is there a specific reason for a Windows-7 upgrade?
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    Not only do you need ram but you need to make sure win7 drivers are available for your system, which is why you need to run the win7 readiness tool as suggested.

    but you will want like 3GB of ram, win7 itself needs 1GB for itself, that leaves nothing for apps and other stuff, so it won't work without more ram.

    look here for system requirements
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  4. My PC supports max 2 GB its old intel 845 Crap....
  5. geofelt said:
    3) Is there a specific reason for a Windows-7 upgrade?

    Want to use windows Live essential
  6. Sorry your system will not be able to run win7 then, I don't think you will have the drivers and with that much ram and win7 your pc is gonna feel a lot slower.

    What part of windows Live essential were you interested in?
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