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Hi all,

I am trying to overclock my P4 2.4 (18x133), everything went smooth upto FSB 143, but faced a strange problem at 144. The memory bandwith scores and memory benchmarks suddenly drop about 10% according to sisoft Sandra. Temps are around 47 degrees celcius. System is solid at 143 and 144. Mainboard is Asus P4B533. I am using Kingston PC2700 modules. Are there any workarounds ?

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  1. Yeah. Up the voltage of the memory to about 2.8v. If that doesnt work, up the chipset voltage a bit.

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  2. Would that raise MB temperature ? I am using 2 fans front and rear both blowing out, but cannot drop below 45, even 50 when i'm playing games, is it too hot ?
  3. Quote:
    I am using 2 fans front and rear both blowing out

    I suggest u make the front fan the intake and the rear fan as the exhaust. There is no point in blowing everything out.

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  4. Hace you set the memory timigs at auto by any chance?

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