I can not play GTA 4 on my laptop.Help please!

Hi, can any one help me? i can not play GTA 4 on my Laptop.
Some specs are:
Lenovo B570e
Intel core i3-2330M with 2.3Ghz processor
Hard Drive 500GB
DirectX version : DirectX 11
Intel HD Graphics Card 1.7GB
and i had 2 dvd's from which installed GTA4 and had following instructions and i worked on all. But still can't find the way to enjoy game ??:(

1. Install Winrar.( i did this correctly)
2. Extract all ".rar" files in your hard drive from "DVD1 and from "DVD2".( i did this correctly)
3. Run "setup.bat( i did this correctly)"
4. Update Direct X.( i did this correctly)
5. Update your Graphic card drivers if needed. ( i did this correctly)
6. Play the game with "Grand Theft Auto IV"( i could not do this because there was nothing labeled as this:( )"
Any one please help me. . . :( :(
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  1. cant help you as we do not give help to none legitimate owners of the game. buy it then you wont have this issue...
    read the terms and conditions of toms. piracy is not condoned or encouraged...
  2. That is an ilegal copy. You probably wouldn't run it anyway.
  3. Illegal software isn't supported here.

    If you want run the game without problems, go to an store or e-store and buy the legal game.

    Topic closed: Against forum rules, Illegal software.
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