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Building a computer with budget ranging from $750-1000. Need to know what graphics card to get for mid-high end gaming. I'll be using a monitor of around 20-24". Don't want to spend TOO much on the card obviously because my budget for the whole computer (including monitor,keyboard,mouse etc.) is only 750-1000. I guess I could actually use help with every component of the computer honestly. This will be my first time ever building my own computer and I have no understanding on how the the stuff works. If someone could please put together a list of everything to build a good gaming PC with a $700-1000 budget, that would help a lot thanks.

Games i'll most likely be playing:

-Runescape in max graphics (RPG Game)
-League of Legends
-MAYBE Call of Duty, probably not

Keep in mind not to use up all the $1000 budget, I need money left over for monitor and accessories.
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  1. Could be just me, but it seems you forgot a video card in the build above.. I'd suggest taking the above build and putting either an HD 7850 or 7870 in it. 7850 should be around $200, 7870 probably around $240
  2. I did a Vishera 6300, Radeon 7870 build the other month for $900. I'll post the build later.
  3. Hi :)

    My shops build gamers computers every day...

    We advise customers to spend AT LEAST 33% of their budget on the graphics card...otherwise its NOT a gaming machine...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. That's debatable. You can be a gamer and "game" even if you only play 80's era games. Different strokes for different folks...
  5. He didn't say the person wasn't a gamer, he just said it wasn't a gaming machine. Gaming machines aren't build to run 80's era games. I like the 33% of the budget idea, I've never heard that but it's a pretty good general ballpark.
  6. But it is a gaming machine. It's just not meant for the newest games. I see no reason why a certain hardware spec is required and why a machine's sole or majority purpose being to play games doesn't qualify for a "gaming machine."
  7. Right. I completely understand what you're saying. but if those are the types of games you intend on playing, there's no need to actually build a "gaming machine" for that. Literally any cheap computer you can get your hands on now-a-days will run games of that sort.
  8. Just saying: you don't need a certain price point or hardware spec to be considered a gaming rig. A top of the line machine 5 years ago is crap today. At what point did it magically stop being a gaming rig? Why does building the same machine today classify it as "any cheap computer" versus a "gaming" one? The logic there is beyond me. Anyway, it's more argumentative at this point that discussing the topic but Christ I hate elitism and out of hand marginalization.
  9. Well, his statement wasn't really, the computer has to have x amount of power to be considered a gaming computer. It was more of a certain amount of the performance should be dedicated towards gaming before it is considered a gaming machine. Not that it's better, just aimed more towards games.
  10. Thanks, I was rushing out the door when my ride finally came so I tried to put everything in it.

    GPU -

    HD 7770 should be able to max everything out but Black Ops II. But since you don't know yet and I don't know what game in the Call of Duty series, I suggest this. If not, then you can use a generic keyboard and mouse for what, like $20-$30 for a combo? And you can put the rest for a HD 7850 such as this one.

    HD 7850 -

    2GB for Black Ops II is the minnium in my opinion, but I don't see why a HD 7770 won't be able to run a RPG and a free open world such as Minecraft. I have Minecraft and I can max it on my machine real easy. But you can go with am AMD CPU build to save some cash even to max out Black Ops II if that's what your thinking of playing. Hope this helps! =)
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