How to fix max payne 3 crash on geforc 210

hey guys i bought max payne 3 for my PC and when i installed it updated 4 times and then the game ran but as soon as it got to the screen where i click enter to load it it crashed after a few seconds please help me guyzzz
my specs are
inter core 2 duo 3:00GHz
2GB RAM ( can easily swith to 4 or 3GB)
Nvidia geforce GT 210 1gb ddr3 GPU
Windows xp sp3 x86
i think my graphics card can run it because my cousin could run it with geforce 8400 512mb GPU
so plz guys help me
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  1. might need windows 7 and 4gb ram minimum
  2. it wont work on the 210 its just to low spec. as for your cousin he will have a lot of issues with othergames crashing because it is also to low spec to play anything other than the most basic games.
  3. thanx 4 the reply....................i guess that the graphics card is the weak point and yes i can easily switch to 3gb RAM,and as for the graphics card i'm going 2 buy GT610 2gb GPU i guess its the right choice is it?
  4. Needs dx11 doesn't it?

    A new GPU like a 460 might be cheapest.
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