Games freeze after 5 mins of gameplay

Well, the title sums it all up. Whenever I play ANY game, from Assassins creed 3, sleeping dogs, Sniper V2, to Age of empires 3 and worms, after 5 mins of gameplay, the game freezes, and I have to close it by using the task manager. My system specs are:
Intel core i5 processor
VGA:ATI 5770 HD Series
4 GB ram
MSI Mother board
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  1. Check the temps when you are playing. Both CPU and GPU.
  2. I used speedfan. The HD0 temperature spiked up to 60 degrees !! Other than that, everything else was normal
  3. Well that might be your issue. HDD's aren't meant to get anywhere near that hot.
  4. I'm unaware of how to treat HDD overheating problems, any suggestions please ??
  5. A front fan blowing over it. Just more fans in general
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