Why cant i get star wars knights of the old republic 2 to work on my computer

It just wont load. it will sit at the loadding screen after i create a charactar and its annoying . i need help !!!
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  1. I had the exact same problem and I met all the specs. Spent weeks going from one forum to another and never did get an answer apart from "it just doesn't work on some systems". Trust me, if I'd paid more than a few dollars for it I'd be much more POd than I am now.

    I love Lucas Arts (now Disney I guess) games, but this isn't the first time one of their products has failed to work for absolutly no discernable reason. I'm still mad about SWE1PR no longer working.

    Good luck. If you find the golden ticket let me know.
  2. If you are trying to run the game in Win Vista or Win 7, then you should know that it is not fully compatible. There is apparently a solution...


    If you have Win 8, then maybe it will work, or maybe it won't work.
  3. Thanks but I tried that. If I was to dedicate the next year to it I could probably get it running but I honestly don't feel the need to play it that badly. Besides, I've heard the game is a major step back from part 1. Hopefully it will work for someone else.
  4. Yeah, production was cut short because LucasArts wanted it to be released in time for Christmas. It was supposed to have 3 acts to the story, but ended with just two. I played it again last year after installing a community mod that integrates some of the cut out material from the original game. I forgot what it is called. While it does not fully flesh out the game to what Obsidian had originally imagined, it does provide some extra game play and adds some bits and pieces to the storyline.
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