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yesterday i installed witcher 2, and it installed successfully, but after i double-click on the launcher, the launcher comes up,then i click on launch game and nothing happens, i waited for 5 mins still nothing happened, then i reinstalled it and tried again...but the same result,
my rig-
pentium g630
hd 7770 1gb( catalyst 12.11 beta)
4gb ram
win7 ultimate 32 bit.

i tried the same copy of the game on my laptop, and it worked without a problem, so please can someone tell me what is the problem???thank you
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  1. You could try skipping the launcher by opening the game directly: to do that, go to gameFolder\bin\ and launch witcher2.exe.
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    Firstly, go into the Task Manager after clicking "launch game", and go into the "Processes" tab. If there is a process entitled, "rundll32.exe", end it. It's rare with newer games, but it means that Windows is checking online so it can add that game to the Windows game library....and not finding anything. This can be fixed by renaming the .exe file (not the launcher, the game itself is under "\game location\bin\", running the game, then returning the file to its original name (optional unless you go through third-party software).

    Secondly, try just bypassing the launcher and running the game from the game's .exe file (once again, under "\game location\bin\").
  3. I had that problem kind of, I installed witcher 2 and it ran fine and I played it on and off for a month or 2 then stoped. Later I went back to it and and it did exactly as you say yours does, I never found out why but it was fixed when I downloaded the extra patches from the witcher website.
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