Windows 7 Starter on a IBM X40

Hello Everyone,

I am thinking of buying a IBM Thinkpad X40 which has a 1.5 Ghz processor with a 2MB Cache and 1 GB RAM. I will mostly use it for accessing the internet, writing entries on my blog and a little bit of watching movies. I wanted your opinion whether I would be able to run Windows 7 Starter on this machine properly without any issues. Also the movies i would be watching will be normal quality encoded in DivX. Would they stutter?
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  1. I'd bump it up to 2GB of ram before considering putting any edition of Windows 7 on the system.
  2. XP would be a better match, although Linux would run nicely on that spec.
  3. +1 to above posters.

    @OP: Can you post your budget and where you are from? I'm sure we can find you something better for the same price.
  4. @ The Prophecy

    Hmm...I have heard that the particular model supports only upto a max of 1.5 GB of RAM. Would that do?


    I need to be using Windows Live Writer for the blog posts so Linux would not be appropriate. But XP is a good option, although it is a bit obsolete. Original XP installlation is already installed on the machine.

    @ Shadhow

    I am from Pakistan. My budget is around 200 dollars. I am basically looking for a netbook type thing but with 12 inch screen. This one I am getting is for Rs. 16,000 which translates to roughly $186 dollars. It has the following specs:

    IBM ThinkPad X40

    Ultra-Portable Pentium M (Centrino) 1.5GHz - L2 cache 2MB

    with Intel Speed Step Technology

    1GB RAM -

    60 GB HDD

    -LAN- Modem


    -12.1” LCD

    Slot supports 16-bit PCMCIA 32-bitCardBus,-(2)USB, IR, VGA, S.D

    I am mainly interested in this because of the battery life, the person from whom i am buying this says it has a battery life of around 3 hours, which would be perfect for me and its also very light and thin and can be carried around very easily. Am i getting a good deal?
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    ^ Ahh... I see. If you can get a 2GB RAM XP will run very well on that system. RAM is probably your main limitation in that netbook(?). I would not run Win 7 on it imo esp. with only 1GB RAM. Sure, you can run it, but it will be quite slow.

    Note: Make sure you can go up to 2GB, or else get the Max RAM that it can support.
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