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Hello friends,

Why Xbox and not PS3 or Wii? Any suggestion please share with me.

Best Regards
Andy Thomas
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  1. There's no reason to get Xbox whatsoever. Get a PC instead.
  2. some say that the 360 has a better graphic , but to me I prefer the ps3 especially u can get the obsessive series of GOD OF WAR .Another thing that the controller of PS3 is more easier to use than the xbox360 ,and u can charge it directly form the ps3 device .
    any way about the consol graphic it uses DX9 ,so its no big difference .
  3. PS3 don't use DirectX. Xbox uses modified version of DirectX 10.
  4. Sunius said:
    PS3 don't use DirectX. Xbox uses modified version of DirectX 10.

    yeah what ever u say man it still not DX 11 ,and now microsoft released the new V of it 11.1 . So its not a big deal to have a consol U will still behind two generations but it worth it if u wanna play games like GOD OF WAR 4 PS3 or GEARS OF WAR 4 XBOX360
  5. the xbox uses a modified version of directx 9... they use a custom x1900 (R520) with additional instruction sets. it can run dx10 like effects but they are not direct x 10 instructions. it may have similar dx10 features like dof and blur but they are implemented in a different way to how direct x 10 impliments it on dx10 hardware...
    i know this is a bit pedantic. but bad info is bad info.

    i know wiki isnt the most reliable source of info but the above does seem correct from what i have seen inside the 360.
  6. sorry my bad, when I said DX9 I meant that it uses a graphic similar to it .
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