Hey will gta 4 work om my system (dont mind if tis a little laggy and all)

intel Pentium (R) 2.67ghz

2 gb ram

256 mb of graphics
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More about work system dont mind laggy
  1. Too little information. Model of pentium? Model of graphics?
  2. It won't be a little laggy, it will be very laggy.

    GTA 4 is a poor console port and for the PC it has pretty high requirements. You really need a CPU with 2 cores. Whatever graphic card you have it is likely to be pretty weak compared to modern cards. 256MB of VRAM means low resolution and low graphic quality.
  3. ^+1
    It will VERY laggy just like jaguarskx says above... You will need MUCH more than just CPU 2.67Ghz + 2 GB RAM + 256 MB GPU... :)
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