PS3 having connectivity and speed issues

Ever since I changed from AT&T to Time Warner Cable, my PS3 has been acting up. Whenever I try to play a game with anyone online in NBA 2K13, it kicks me out randomly like in the first quarter saying either that I have poor connection quality or something similar to that. The menus in that game have also been sluggish and appear if they are going to freeze, but just takes its time. I'm sure the disk itself is fine. Also I'm getting low download speeds, around 1 mbps while other devices get 19 mbps. I'm pretty I have to port foward or alter some settings on the router (Ubee DW3610). I attempted but I wasnt exactly sure how to input the information or what some of the things were ( Public IP, Local IP). Can someone please help me? I've called the ISP and all they did was reset the Wifi :sweat: . You guys would make my day and yesterday if you could help me.

P.S. I believe also my Roku box has also been quite slow with Netflix.
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  1. I have done this and it works wonders. It essentially does the same thing as port forwarding, but is more comprehensive.
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