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How do I change FSB:Ram ratio on P4P800

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August 3, 2003 1:21:09 AM

I just got my Intel system, 2.4C runs at default 1.48 vcore. Got the Asus P4P800, I could find the option that tell me how to change the FSB:ram frequency. Please help me Thanks guys

I hate Computers! I could only overclock my Barton 2500+ to 2645mhz. My Sapphire 9800pro core/mem speed won't go above 490/750. I really hate computers!

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August 4, 2003 7:59:16 PM

The 2.4C is a 800 FSB chip.The chip is the source of the change in the FSB,example if you had the 2.4B chip it would have a 533FSB-->cpu clock setting times (18 X 133 = 23.94 mhz)on that MB.To overclock the system with the 2.4C you need good memory for you to be able to overclock you haft to change the memory freg to a higher level + a voltage increase to make your 2.4C a 2.8 GHZ if that is what your goal is!!!.Intel fix it so you can't change CPU.So you can't change the CPU timmings because it is clock locked to ever what the fsb of the chip is set at for that chip size is.I,m no over clocker so the best place to find out this type infomation is at a over-clockers web site.I,m sorry that I can't help you on that end.And I,m not sure if I help you at all.Maybe some one here that knows hasen't replyed yet to your post to give you a better answer.Good luck in finding the true power of Computering because it is along road ahead even for the experts that still are trying to fix the darn things.