Expensive gaming mouses are worth it?


I have a "Microsoft - Laser Mouse 6000" for the last 5 years (that i use in all kinds of games) but i am thinking to buy a new one something like the
"Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse", but my question is will I see any difference in gaming? I mean it is worth the money?
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  1. I think so, gaming mice offer quicker response time in my opinion, i use the razer naga epic and it is flawless :)
  2. I've been using a normal mouse until last Christmas, until I was pleasantly surprised when I got Razer Naga as a gift. Boy I tell you there was a difference! At first, I had difficulty adjusting: it was much more sensitive. But when I got used to it (took 3 weeks!), I can tell you that it's much superior than normal mouse. It's very precise, never randomly jumps and is very comfortable to hold.

    I highly recommend a gaming mouse for any computer user, not just a gamer.
  3. If you beat the hell out of your controllers (button mashing ie Diablo) definitly put in a few extra dollars. And as said above, a good gaming mouse is a good mouse period.
  4. They're better while they last. I bought a 100 dollar Logitech performance MX and it lasted 1.5 years, now it's LMB doesn't work. 100 dollars. my crappy hp mouse that came with the computer has lasted 6 years and is still working good. I was looking into getting a new mouse recently and my research has led me to the conclusion that they just don't make them like they used to anymore. With that said, i read an article on here earlier that recommended this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AAQRNQ8 it's pretty cheap and looks like it might be good. For 30 bucks it can die in a year for all i care haha
  5. It's all about preference if it looks delicious then run with it :)
  6. They are nice for most fps and rts games. The extra buttons are great to have and mean your hands spend less time floating around the keyboard. I just dont think that the really expensive ones are not worth it. One moment of rage (maybe I have anger issues) and its all over. I read a review by another member the other day and tried this mouse myself.


    I cant find fault with it and at the price its hard to beat.
  7. depends what you call expensive. there are a lot of $/£100 mice that aint worth the money but there are even more $/£50 that are. you gotta do the research though because often you can see a nice mouse for $/£50 and find 1 with the same features for a lot less. often there will be a slight difference in quality of sensor but just because something is expensive it doesn't mean its worth the money.
  8. Hi michaelmk86, i thought i'd give you my opinion on this.
    Gaming mice have they're bonuses, in my opinion they have quicker response time and to be honest it really depends on the games you place too if it would be beneficial to you as a gamer. I have gone through stages on games and what i like about razer mouses are that they are stylish and look nice, they are worth how much you pay for the mouse and they have the additional keys on the side of the mouse.
    These help alot for games like WoW and other MMORPG's as they help you assign more abilities. Anyways back to the point. It really just depends on the games you play to if it would be beneficial to yourself. But they are definately worth the money if it suits your gaming style.
  9. I am between Razer Abyssus and Razer Deathadder what do you think will be best for fingertip grip style?
  10. Whichever one looks the coolest!
    I'm joking! :lol:
  11. Lol why wouldn't you just get a Naga? I've had mine for over 3 years, easily the best mouse I've ever bought. Still going strong.
  12. I've bought a couple of budget gaming mice and the button layout makes it worth it and the comfort is great.
  13. Since we are on the subject, I looked up that Naga you are all talking about and she is a beauty, but do you really need that many buttons? I've got a really nice Logitech gaming mouse with just 5 buttons (if you count the wheel) and I honestly don't know if I've ever used more than 4.
  14. Razer Naga, there is no other that even comes close to performance, style, customization, and ergonomics. I could never play on anything else.
  15. Rise_Up2 said:
    Lol why wouldn't you just get a Naga? I've had mine for over 3 years, easily the best mouse I've ever bought. Still going strong.

    I don't think it is good for fingertip grip style and also i don't need so many buttons.
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