Recommended amount of aa to use in mass effect 2 and bioshock 1+2?

Guys I find it kind of difficult to spot aliasing in bioshock 1 and 2 but have no doubt the games will become that much more organic looking if I apply aa. In mass effect 2 I don't remember spotting aliasing either. How much aa would you recommend to turn on to remove all visible aliasing in these games nonetheless? Thanks folks.
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  1. specs would help....
  2. I have top end modern hardware.
  3. gamer2121 said:
    I have top end modern hardware.

    Hi :)

    We NEED to know WHICH hardware to help....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. no more than x4 fsaa. any more than that you get a fps hit without any noticeable increase in fidelity on a 1080p or bigger screen. even if your using it on a 42 inch hd tv there is no good reason to use more than x4 fsaa.
    if on the other hand your the game bleow native rez and you have the spare memory on the gfx then x8 fsaa is usable but honestly if you can afford to run fsaa at x8 you can afford to run at native rez. fsaa msaa fxaa are all ways of smoothing pixel jaggies. the larger the pixel the more fsaa needs to be applied to smooth out the edges where pixels of different colours join. higher fsaa is only really useful on old big crt monitors. and hd renders of 3d screens in something like 3ds max. for gaming x4 is enough. any 1 that tells you higher is better is lying to you or themselves. because on a 96dpi or higher screen the human eye cant tell the difference when the image is moving or when still most of the time.
  5. Sorry, I have an nvidia card-gtx 680.
  6. I do not see an option for fsaa.
  7. Nevermind..thank you. So you were implying the use of nvdia inspector, correct?
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