K120 Logitech keyboard handles 3kro?

^ can it?? im playing indie games like grand chase that requires the use of the arrow keys + z + x buttons... the question is can it handle/press 3 or more buttons at a time?? i dont need the extra functions, i just want to press the arrow keys together without a problem.. not like this POS intex keyboard im using.. if it cant, what keyboard can you recommend just within the price range of the K120.. all i need is that the keyboard will register if i press the arrows keys at the same time. thanks a lot for reading
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  1. It seems to be 6KRO for most key combinations I've tried. Two arrow keys + z + x is no problem.

    Other working examples include q+w+e+a+Shift+Space, or a+s+d+e+Shift+Space, or any six numeric digits on the keypad. You can't do z+x+c+Shift+Space however, or even just i+o+p, so the 6KRO mainly seems to apply to common gaming combinations.

    Still, for a dirt cheap keyboard, I'm pretty happy with it.
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