Modify Mobo to enable RAM voltage increase?

I have an Asus P4T-533 motherboard. My P4 1.8A is very overclockable, but unfortunately my OCZ RDRAM does not run at the speed it was certified for. It is supposedly good for 150MHz, but anything over 144 and the system gets finicky.

I know the RAM is the problem because if I relax the timings, I can go upto 145-146. The CPU is definitely good for 150MHz FSB. My question is...what would I need to do to the motherboard to enable me to give the RAM a little more voltage (since this board does not offer this by default)?
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  1. you could run a memory divider...set the memory as being pc600...and then clock it...

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  2. Hope this is enough to help you: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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