P4 2.4c Abit IS7 oc'ing

Just got system in...overclocked to 233 FSB with 5:4 memory and agp locked perfectly fine. But if I go to 1:1 memory, even at only 215 FSB (which I should be able to with 3500 ram, right?) then my system doesn't post...I save CMOS and then it goes to reboot and I just get a black screen. If I go to 250 FSB with 5:4 memory, the same thing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. It's a RAM problem. I can say that with relative certainty. PC3500...can't really run that speed on most of these newer boards, unless you raise the voltage or use higher latency values, or both.

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  2. Three questions. First of all, with a 250mhz FSB and a 5/4 divider, isn't my ram running at 200mhz? Second, what's the highest voltage I should feel comfortable running my ram to? Last, to test what timings my ram can handle, is that just trial and error? Cuz it seems when my ram can't handle something, my system just doesn't boot and I have to reset the jumper on the m/b...just a long trial and error process??
  3. 1. Yes.
    2. 2.8V or 2.9V with heatspreaders.
    3. Yes set it to the slowest timings and start changing them to the faster ones one by one. Start with the CAS latency.

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  4. Hmm...ok...well when I first tried a 250 mhz FSB with a 5:4 ram divider it wouldn't post. I'm confused by this because my ram should not be a problem at that speed since at default it runs at 200mhz no problem (200 mhz FSB 1:1 divider). I've been running up my FSB with a 3:2 divider to see how it goes, right now i'm at 270 mhz FSB without much trouble..I did up my cpu voltage a little (to 2.6). I'm going to keep upping my FSB to see how high that gets before going back and messing with the ram. If I can't get the ram high, is sticking to a 266mhz FSB with 3:2 divider better than, say a 250mhz FSB with a 5:4 divider?
  5. you are gaining nothing running a divider at stock speed...it helps absolutly nothing on a dual channel p4 board...

    stick to 1:1...

    new p4 boards are hard on memory...you will prolly not be able to clock even pc3500 to stock speeds...

    finally...you are clocking too quickly..go up in 2mhz incraments...that way you get a warning that your cpu prolly will not post (blue screen)...

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  6. I couldn't really do much more with the RAM so I'm thinking of RMA'ing it. Unless other RAM won't help much?? This RAM wouldn't go higher than 216mhz at 1:1 or 240 at 5:4. Right now I'm running with a 258 mhz FSB (2.4c running at 3.1ghz) with a 3:2 divider, so my RAM is at 172mhz. This is with stock hsf and no case fans. I ran Prime95 all night and everything seems ok, ran Sandra for a while and temps didn't go over 55C. Should I be satisfied with this or should I RMA my ram and try to get 250/200, or 260/208? Are those even better???
  7. increase the vdimm or slightly relax the memory timmings...like i said the intel chipsets push memory much harder than all others...

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  8. Ok, I raised my voltage on the Ram to 2.8v and my cpu voltage is 1.6250. I appear to be stable at a 263 mhz FSB with a 5:4 divider (so my memory is at 210mhz). My timings are 2.5 7 4 4. I was stable earlier at around the same FSB but with a 3:2 divider, so my memory was at 172, but with timings of 2.5 6 3 3. Which is better? I think I'm pretty happy with 3.15 ghz ! It certainly does very well in Sandra benchs.
  9. definitly the higher mhz over timmings

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
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