IS7 2.4c-more FSB vs. faster RAM??

my 2.4c on IS7 with 2x256MB of GeiL pc3500 DDR has been PATHETIC in oc'ing

when set to 5:4 RAM, windows runs stable in 215FSB and Turbo chipset mode (that's the PAT activation, if i set it to "auto" i can overclock higher). all voltages untouched (i'll be using this for a while). with 1:1 ram, FSB overclocking is limited to around 205. seems like RAM is the limiting factor, but the CPU doesn't seem that good either. at 5:4, RAM shouldn't be a stability issue, yet the system can't break 215 at that.

the bios loads at up to 233 FSB (sometimes), but windows doesn't load/gives me BSOD unless i keep it at or below 215

now that i'm stuck with this serious lemon, do u suggest
1) i push the RAM timings at the expense of CPU ocing,
2) stress the FSB while keeping ram at 5:4??

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  1. Most of this "high speed RAM" isn't high speed at all, but rather <i>factory overclocked</i> RAM. One of the things they do to achieve this overclock is to raise the VOLTAGE. In fact, much of this RAM says in the specification "runs XXX speed at XXXX timings, 2.6-2.9v". Well, standard voltage is 2.5v, so yes, they expect you to overclock the stuff yourself by raising the voltages yourself simply to get the advertised speed from it.

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  2. I had the same problem until I locked the AGP to 33/66 then I got to 250 fsb on stock vcore. Beware of Auto Ocing it will raise the Vcore. The fact you are sooooo low leads me to believe this is the issue your having

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