I can't remember a childhood game D:

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Hello there, friends!
I tried a lot of time to find a game that I played on my childhood but couldn't find it. My parents bought me a PC when I was like 7 years old, and the pre-installed games I had there were Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos and another game. That 'another' game I want to find.
All I can say about this game is :

- Not sure which genre, pretty much Third Person RPG I guess
- You could control a team of 5 monsters, wearing engineer hats and iron gloves , and they were orange monsters
- That game has a lot of maps, one of them being in space
- I remember the sound from 1 map, here it is : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECQ-HuArv3s
- You needed to accomplish missions and kill the enemy
- It had pretty good graphics for a game from that year
- It was pretty much a childish game, I don't remember blood and gore.

And some more, about my PC I played it on. Maybe it will help :

- Console : PC
- It was a Pentium III game
- The PC had Windows XP I think
- The game should be around the date of 2003-2006

Hope you guys can find my game! I really want to play it. I dream of it every night lol. I'll keep searching, and hopefully I'll find it soon.
Thanks in advance, and have a good day!
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  1. You said when you were 7, what year? That can help narrow it down a bit.
  2. TheGhxst said:
    You said when you were 7, what year? That can help narrow it down a bit.

  3. Ummm...I'm not even sure how to Google that because it leaves so many options out there....
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