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has anyone tryed modding a mini fridge? like put the whole mobo and everything in side to keep it almost at zero? then have some fancy modded face plate for the cdroms ext? dont u think it would work.... might even be better then gettin water cooling and all the fansy stuff.... i dono just a thought

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  1. a lot of people have done that already, some even try having their water res in a fridge to chill it, stuff like that.. only thing is its not a good idea to keep your mechanics in there (i.e. CDROM) because that stuff is meant to be kept at room temp, won't work as well otherwise.

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  2. I would probably be afraid of condensation developing on the hardware, which would cause problems quite easily.
  3. It's done before but it wont work with an average frig. Normal friges don't run continuesly... while with a PC inside you have to run it that way, this can shorten the fridge life considerably. You also have to make sure the fridge can put out a couple of hundreds of Watt to keep your system cool.

    And the CDROM, HDs and FDs also need to be placed outside the fridge.

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  4. what if I was to stik my entire pc into a fridge (with cabinet)? Would the condensewater be a thread? (both the water in the fridge and the potential condence inside the pc)

    just a thought...

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  5. How powerful is your fridge? If it's a good freezer then we can start talking, otherwise you're not gonna go far with this. Most fridges don't have high wattage food inside that they have to keep cold, if you catch my drift =)

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  6. You're much better off using a room air-con mate, they're designed to run continously, so it's perfect.

    Heh, seems everyone can think of using refridgerators, but not air-cons. Wonder why :D?

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  7. Cheers... I do think they are quite expensive here in scandinavia... But I will give it a shot... or build my 0.75m roomfan into my rig :-D

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    - 1152mb pc-133 - Ati Radeon 9700 128Mb
  8. As long as you don't let in air from the outside (so seal the thing properly) you wont get condensation you have to worry about.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
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