Water cooling system: Safe investment?

I currently own a ThermalTake Xacer II Case (sweet thing!) and I'm planning to install a water cooling system. Now I'm just curious if a water cooling system is a safe investment or a potential swimming pool? Please advice me a bit on this mather since I'm a complete rookie when it comes to water cooling units.

Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
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  1. definitely a good invetsment, i love it

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  2. If you do it slowly and carefully and check/test before using it, it will be an awsome investment.

    I have one watercooling for my primary rig cooling CPU/GPU/Northbridge and I'm building another one for my second rig cooling CPU and GPU.

    They're so silent and cool awsome.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  3. You really gotta screw up and be careless to have bad things happen to your system. Just put it together and fill it outside of the case and run it for a few hours (or a day, if you prefer) and see if there are any leaks. There shouldn't be, though; in most cases, the tubing holds onto the fittings so tight that it's hard to get it off, even without hose clamps holding it on (though hose clamps are still recommended).

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